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Welcome to Chesapeake Industrial Cleaning Products, Inc., a firm dedicated to formulating and providing effective cleaning detergents and solutions for your industrial cleaning needs.

Our mission is to supply formulated cleaning chemistries for your specific application to optimize both your process operation and your overall use cost.

Targeted Formulations

Chesapeake's experience in serving production industries allows us to find the proper product for your application.

Whether your operation is best served by an existing product or a newly formulated material, Chesapeake's resources us to supply products that meet all, not just some, of your needs.

Our Services

Chesapeake can review your process from top to bottom - equipment used, pre and post operational requirements, waste treatment, etc - and help guide you to the best solution for your specific operation. Many customers have found cost reductions of up to 40-60% in their cleaning operations while increasing yields and improving run rates.

News Highlights

March 2012, Along term study at a large industrial customer showed overall usage of cleaning chemistry dropping 40-45% after switching to the Chesapeake fomulated product...

May 2012, Chesapeake has become a seller of the Trans-Chemco line of defoaming products for food and industrial uses...

November 2012, EDTA and other chelating agents continue to be an issue for many manufacturers as water treatment regulations and treatment plant operations come under increased scrutiny...

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Latest Product News

MC4127, finds acceptance in the titanium industry for cleaning turnings for all grades of products...

MC 4128 has been introduced as an extremely aggressive hydroxied based compound for cleaning the most difficult oils and soils from metal parts...

MC 4120
was developed as a pre-cleaner and has show itself to be a very effective material in removing general oils and greases...

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The aggressive, cost effective standard detergent for cleaning titanium turnings and other small parts in tumble washers, spray equipment, and other cleaning machines. Well suited for facilities with wastewater
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