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CICP MC 4127 is an aggressive, high pH alkaline cleaning solution for removing difficult to clean soils from titanium. CICP MC 4127 contains a very high level of hydroxide; thus, it is necessary to refer to the product MSDS to insure proper precautions are taken when handling the material.  CICP MC 4127 removes the typical oils and dirt’s found in titanium recycling and provides a lower surface tension for efficient rinsing.  While designed for use in tumble spray washers and barrel washers, CICP MC 4127 may also be used in immersion applications.



• Free rinsing

• Aggressive cleaning

• Low foaming

• Economical



• Allows for complete removal of soils

• Cleans hard to remove soils quickly

• May be used in spray equipment

• Minimizes cost of use to the customer

Color:                       Dark brown liquid
Specific Gravity:         1.28 – 1.38 @ 20C
Solubility:                 Complete
Flash Point:               None
pH (neat):                 13.0+

Concentration:             5-10% diluted with water
Temperature:               Greater than 120F  (typical 150-190 F)



For most accurate results the concentration should be measured using acid base titration.  The necessary information on these methods is available from your representative.


CICP MC 4127 is available in 55-gallon drums, totes and bulk shipments.  Samples for testing are available.  Contact the sales manager to arrange for a sample quantity.


CICP MC 4127 is a highly alkaline liquid material containing a high concentration of potassium hydroxide and must be handled accordingly (see MSDS for detailed instructions).  When handling, wear proper protective equipment as listed in the MSDS.  If contact occurs, flush area with large amounts of water.  Remove and discard any clothing or footwear that has been contaminated.   In the event of contact with the eyes, flush eyes while holding the lids open for 15 minutes with water.  Seek medical attention.  Wash thoroughly after handling the chemical.  FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY !




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