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Manufacturing Facility Cleaning

Chesapeake Industrial offers a variety of cleaning products and specializes in custom formulating materials to your needs. In some cases, a standard, proven product may offer better value with no negatives and would thus be recommended. Below are some tables showing materials currently used in different applications. Products are typically sold in 55-gallon drums or totes. Please contact us for different size packaging.


Titanium and Specialty Metal Cleaning

In order to recycle titanium and other high value metals, it is necessary to completely clean any recycled feed materials such as turnings to insure they are oil free with low carbon residues.  These cleaning products have been designed for high throughput systems to remove oil and grease and prevent those materials from redepositing on the chips or scrap.  Additionally, the detergents are formulated to prevent metals attack and limit the build-up of aluminum and other materials that contribute to more frequent bath changes.  Finally, the detergents are all designed with the customer’s bottom line in mind and offer exceptional value and pricing versus competitive products.  Chesapeake Industrial is a member of the International Titanium Association.


Optical Cleaning

A line of cleaning agents specially formulated to provide effective soil removal of optical lenses and associated products made of all the standard materials. Non-spotting, low-foaming cleaning agents designed to increase yields and reduce downtime are available for both spray washing or ultrasonic cleaning. This complete line of detergents can satisfy the most demanding applications.

Metal Cleaning

Cleaning agents used in automotive parts manufacturing, metal forming, heat treating, metal stamping, plastics cleaning, and other industrial areas.

Ion Free Cleaning

This specialty line of cleaning agents is designed for use in ceramics, medical device, and semiconductor applications. Specially formulated without ingredients containing ionic contaminants, these pure detergents may be used where stringent cleaning requirements prohibit ionic residue on the finished process part. Utilizing the most recent surfactant technologies, the Ion Free line represents a significant step forward in critical process cleaning.

Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning

Cleaners for a wide variety of applications including degreasing, engine rebuilding, general rebuild, equipment teardown, facility cleaning, and more.

Facilities Cleaning

All floor and facility cleaners, which are USDA approved, may be used with automated scrubbers, mop water systems, or for general facility maintenance.



The aggressive, cost effective standard detergent for cleaning titanium turnings and other small parts in tumble washers, spray equipment, and other cleaning machines. Well suited for facilities with wastewater
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