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Chesapeake Industrial News and Highlights


November 2012
EDTA and other chelating agents continue to be an issue for many manufacturers as water treatment regulations and treatment plant operations come under increased scrutiny for metal contaminants in wastewater.  Chesapeake Industrial, along with other industrial society members, continues to provide alternative products while spearheading further research into even better cleaning agents.


May 2012  
Chesapeake has become a seller of the Trans-Chemco line of defoaming products for food and industrial uses ( http://trans-chemco.com).  A leader in foam minimization and prevention, the Trans-Chemco products meet many industrial and food industry specs and are Kosher Certified (certificates available).  The company philosophy of providing the exact solution to a problem at a fair price while providing excellent service meshes exactly with that of Chesapeake and made the partnership a success.


March 2012
A long term study at a large industrial customer showed overall usage of cleaning chemistry dropping 40-45% after switching to the Chesapeake formulated product.  “In the short term its always difficult to evaluate true usage of one product versus another as the variability in incoming feed and operational changes always make it an apples to oranges comparison”, said the Operations Engineer.  “However, evaluating the entire operation over a four year period (two years of running with Competitor Product before switching and running two years with Chesapeake) sort of irons out the variability to an extent and clearly shows that almost immediately and consistently we increased units produced per gallon of chemistry used by almost 45% and it has stayed that way throughout.”   He also added that less rework added to the bottom line.


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