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MC 4127 continues to find acceptance in the titanium industry for cleaning turnings for all grades of products.  The cost effective MC 4127 has continued to show lower operating costs while still delivering effective cleaning in different types of operations.


MC 4128 has been introduced as an extremely aggressive hydroxide based compound for cleaning the most difficult oils and soils from metal parts.  While still based on a hydroxide/surfactant chemistry, the MC 4128 material has proved to work removing dirt and other materials that other hydroxide based materials cannot clean completely.  In such applications, the MC 4128 has shown to be a valuable material saving re-work and off-spec product.


MC 4120 was developed as a pre-cleaner and has shown itself to be a very effective material in removing general oils and greases prior to the main cleaning operation.  A lower cost material than many aggressive products, manufacturers use the MC 4120 in a pre-clean stage to remove the easy to clean oils and greases (often 70-80% of the total oil and grease) leaving the main cleaning agent to work on the more stubborn materials.  This allows the main cleaning agent to be used most effectively as key components are not used up cleaning easily removed soils and the main cleaning bath does not fill as quickly with washed off materials.  Overall, the cost of the cleaning operation can drop significantly.


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